SSD Cached VPS Plans


SSD-CACHED VPS uses advanced configuration with SATA & SSD Disks to provide near SSD experience.

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You can customize the specifications from order form


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For managing the server services from client panel. Easy to use interface


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Get access details instantly. Our auto provisioning system helps to deliver the order within seconds of placement.


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Short provisioning time and easy resource allocation

Upgrade your server with additional RAM, CPU, DISK, IPs easily

[services type=”type2″ title=”SSD-Cached” icon=”sellsy”]Experience near to SSD performance using our SSD-Cached VPS.[/services]
[services type=”type2″ title=”Control Panel” icon=”server”]Easy to manage. Reboot, Reinstall, Virtual Console, Shutdown, controls through client panel[/services]
[services type=”type2″ title=”RAID Storage” icon=”hdd-o”]RAID for data protection. It is enabled for all plans including budget.[/services]
[services type=”type2″ title=”24/7 support” icon=”life-ring”]Customer support through Live chat, Support Ticket, Email. Connect with us anytime.[/services]